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About Us


  • Providing easy to follow and effortless recipes.
  • Reviewing food locations and alternative products.
  • Updating on the latest news within the vegan community.


To eradicate the misconception that the vegan lifestyle is expensive and inaccessible


  • Going vegan should break cages not your bank account
  • Giving importance to sustainability and health
  • Being inclusive and accessible to everyone
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Purpose of Vegan and Broke

This website will be for those people who are beginning their transition into veganism and well established vegans who are looking to expand their options. This is not to say that we are well established so we will be going on this journey together. We will be sharing our own learning and research through this blog. We want to create more awareness that this is a lifestyle that is suitable for everyone and help you overcome any challenge you face during your transition. We are aiming to bring new vegan recipes, things we have learned over time, locations we have had positive experiences at and updates within the vegan community. Our motivation for this website is to get help people become more mindful on what they eat and be aware of the horrendous industry practices within animal agriculture. 

Why are we Vegan?


There are multiple reasons why I went vegan. From how terrible these animals are treated to the environmental impact of animal agriculture, it was necessary for me to transition. I came across this activist on YouTube named Earthling Ed and he did a speech at a university and he asked ‘is a lifetime of suffering worth the 10-minute of pleasure?’ This question made me think about my lifestyle and my diet as I became more mindful of the suffering and the abuse of the animals. It made complete logical sense to adapt a vegan lifestyle and it seemed illogical to go back. Aside from the animal cruelty, the environment is also an important consideration. 80% of our current agricultural land is used to feed humans. If we continued our current practices we would eventually run out of land, animal diversity and the earth itself. I was always known as the person who ate meat and enjoyed cooking meat but after all my research, I cannot look back. 


Prior to becoming vegan, I was a vegetarian for a few years. I watched Earthling Ed’s video on whether vegetarianism is an ethical lifestyle. Earthling Ed’s video outlined the industry practices that are predominant in egg and diary industry. This video illustrated the suffering and the pain the animals go through within the industry. Overnight, I decided to adapt a vegan lifestyle. I started trying new recipes from YouTube to find alternative methods of cooking foods I loved. I explored new restaurants to try vegan options. After getting an insight into the vegan industry, I found it impossible to be complicit and carry on living a vegetarian lifestyle that still harms animals. I initially became a vegetarian because I didn’t want to harm animals by consuming them but I was ignorant to how I was still harming animals by consuming dairy products and eggs. The change was uncomfortable but it was necessary. 

Challenges we faced

After changing our lifestyle, our friends would argue that this lifestyle is for the wealthy. We found this to be untrue. You can be cheap and be vegan simultaneously. It made us think that this is a very common misconception to have. We have done a lot of research and learnt about veganism during our transition. We learnt that plant based foods costs the same or cheaper than its meat counterparts. Although there are a good vegan blogs, no one really addressed people who are broke and wanting to transition their lifestyle.

Latest News

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