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Privacy Policy


Vegan and Broke transcends borders and boundaries but is based primarily within the UK. For the purpose of privacy and data protection, Vegan and Broke will be complying with the UK GDPR. The UK GDPR (following Brexit) will largely emulate the EU GDPR. The EU GDPR offers the most secure data protection for the users. 


This policy will provide information on what personal data is collected, why it will be collected, how long we will be storing and keeping your data. It will also include information on the legal basis under which we collect your data. We will also provide detailed information regarding how we use cookies and why it is necessary. 

Community members

When you sign up to our newsletter, we will ask for your name and your email address. We will also be able to see the country you are from. You may send us other personal information voluntarily through our contact forms or by email. We do not keep track of any additional data you send us and we advise you to not provide us with any personal data to us. We will be collecting your data to send you our recipes and information about veganism. By signing up to the newsletter, you will be giving us permission to send you the newsletter. The legal basis is permission as you give us permission but signing up the newsletter You can withdraw the permission whenever you want to by using the withdrawal link provided at the end of our emails and newsletters. 


When we receive emails and messages from you, we will read and then delete the email within 2 weeks of receiving the email. We may keep the email or message for longer than 2 weeks in order to provide you with a response email or message or to collect new ideas for the website. Any comments posted within the website will remain until it is deleted by yourself or if the post itself is archived or deleted. Comments can be deleted by Vegan and Broke if it does not follow our guidelines. Terms of Use. 


The Vegan  and Broke team will be able to access data collected through our website. We may also pass your data to third parties when and to extent it is necessary to provide our services. The parties we may send your data includes:

  • MailChimp & Convertful: Newsletter email client: stores data on their secure database that will follow the EU GDPR and will comply with the applicable laws. re privacy protection inc UK GDPR & EU GDPR. for more info see: Mailchimp’s privacy policy. 


The Popups to sign up are provided by Convertful -> any data on the form goes to convertful which we also have access to -> mailchimp will have access to this email list, mailchimp will create the emails to be sent to this list.


  • Google analytics
  • IT providers: parties that collect reviews or supply hosting services
  • Partners help V&B do business: delivery partners, payroll services (for team members) admin office or payment module agencies & affiliates. 
  • WPdiscuz: comments name, email address and WP ID to keep track of comments placed on the website: read privacy policy & terms & conditions
  • Rankmath uses your data so that we can optimise our service: Tracker, Usage data, first name, last name, company name, email address, website, data communicated using service, unique device identifiers for advertising (Google Advertiser ID/IDFA) geographic position, language, username
  • We will use Convertful in order for you to sign up to : contact detail (email address, username, full name, soc media, physical address, company details: company name, address & registration number, technical data like IP address, signup, last visit time, time zone, browser language, first visit info: visit source, UTM parameters, referral, payment info: payment method, transactional details & tax info, connected web data: name, domains, cms platform, other settings, aggregated visits info, connected integration data: integration provider, API Key, username & password, other connection settings, created widgets’ contact, display rules, integrations and other settings, behaviour and navigation information, Support data: support tickets, replies, ticket related votes and follows search queries, knowledge base feedback, role, occupation and web-related skills

How to collect: directly by signing up, buying, subscribing to an email list, submitting feedback, adding/editing integration etc. Indirectly: when using services associated w/ website. How used: to fulfil contract. 

  • We use WPForms for our contact us page: contact us page, collect non-personally identifying info but can collect identifying info w/ permission: logs user and commenter’s IP addresses. Collects what is necessary: username, email addresses and only disclosed where necessary to perform services required. 
  • We use MailChimp to organise how we send you newsletters: Mailchimp is used for sending newsletters out to you. This website states how mailchimp uses your data.


If any third parties will be receiving your data, we will have a data processing contract in place. 

Social media

Our social media will provide data and analytics on our users. We are currently on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They will collect your data and provide us with useful insight on what sort of content you are engaging with. The data will be anonymised, therefore, we will not be receiving any data that will personally identify you. We are also not responsible for any data that is collected by the social media platforms. 

Other third parties

We will be required to provide details on our users if we see any suspicious activities on our website. We will not be selling your data to any third parties nor will we be using the data for profiling purposes.

Data storage

We will be saving your data on different databases. We will be using strict safety measures in order to comply with the UK GDPR. The data will  primarily be stored and used within the UK. We will only be transferring your data within the European Economic Area  and any country that is deemed to have adequate data protection laws in place by the European Commission.  Your data will be protected by us and we will take all the steps necessary to ensure that we are complying with the UK GDPR. 

Your Rights

We respect and value your rights over your data. You have the right to ask us details regarding the data we do collect. You may also ask us to delete your data completely or restrict us from using your data any further. You may also ask us to allow you access into the data we have collected of you. This will include your name, email address and a part of your IP. You can send us an email or message with a request to access your data or a copy of your data, we will provide you with the data we have collected from you. We may ask for further information to verify your identity or further clarifications to identify your request properly. You can also object to us using your data. We will promptly review your request and promptly ensure that any data we have been using that belongs will no longer be used to provide you our services. If you would like us to transfer any data to another party, we will do so and follow the UK GDPR. Once the data has been transferred to the other party, we will no longer be liable to ensure that it is protected by the UK GDPR. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the way in which we have used or processed your data, you can complain with the Information Commissioner’s Office who will be able to resolve the issues for you. If you like for us to stop sending you newsletters, you can click the link at the end of the newsletter and withdraw your permission to receive the newsletter. We will promptly remove you from our mailing list. 


This hyperlink will take you to the Information Commissioner’s Office website which will provide you further details regarding your rights. This hyperlink will take to the page explaining how we are required to comply with the UK GDPR. If you would like to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office, this hyperlink will take you to their complaints page. 

Cookies & Trackers

Our website uses cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Our functional cookies help us provide you with a great experience by monitoring if you are using a mobile, desktop or tablet to view our website. This will allow the website to be displayed and presented on your screen properly. 


We will also be using analytic cookies and trackers to help us identify the sort of posts you want to see more of. This helps us identify new ideas and expand our website to meet your needs. We will not be collecting any individual data on you that will be able to identify you. The data we collect will be anonymous and will give us details on what country you are visiting the website from and how long you are spending on the website. We will not be collecting full IP addresses so Vegan and Broke and any third parties that we will be working with will not be able to send you any adverts. Any data collected through the analytics cookies will not be shared by Google to other third parties. 


If you would like to not have any cookies at all, you may do so within your browser settings and turn off cookies and javascript. The website may not work as optimally if you do so. To turn off or delete cookies, you may use the following links to find instructions on how to turn off or delete cookies depending on your browser:



If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please email us with the subject ‘Privacy Policy’ and we will get back to you within two weeks. 

This privacy policy will be reviewed every 6 months and will be updated in accordance with any changes. 

This was last updated on: 05 April 2021