Vegan And Broke

Busaba is a Thai restaurant. They are located at different locations within London. We have been to the restaurant located at Stratford and at the O2 Arena. The atmosphere and the decorations are so cultural and cozy. Their seatings are perfect for all kinds of occasions. While it is communal, the seats are so far apart that you can have a private conversation while eating. The warm lighting and dark decorations are consistent within all their locations. It’s perfect for the winter season as the flavour of the dishes warms you right up after a cold day.

One of our favourite dishes is “Sriracha Ho Fun Noodles”. The dish contains wok-fried red peppers, mushrooms and baby spinach. The vegetables are so crunchy and full of the sriracha flavour. It is delicious and heartwarming to eat. It is also an incredibly satiating meal that is perfect for colder weather. The heat of the sriracha and all the flavours packs a spicy punch. It is seasoned on a wonderful balance that none of the flavours are overpowering.

A less spicy option is their “Pad Thai jay”. This noodle is also wok-fried and contains broccoli, courgette, green beans, and mushrooms. While it is not as spicy, it still incredibly rich in flavour. The slight sourness of the lemon is balanced with the biting flavour of the ginger. The flavours all combined tastes divine. The texture is balanced with the crunchiness of the peanuts and the vegetables and the softness of noodles. The tofu adds a meaty texture.

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