Vegan And Broke

Greggs is a bakery located in so many different locations. When their vegan sausage roll was introduced, it rose to popularity so fast causing a bit of a storm. It ran out of stock in so many different locations. Greggs features pastries and sweet baked items that are perfect for a small snack or a small lunch that is filling and delicious. Greggs is located in so many place that it is so convenient to quickly grab something to go. They also serve lots of hot drinks making it perfect for a midday snack.

On trying the vegan sausage roll, I was concerned it was the meat version. It tastes almost identical to the meat version. The roll is covered in crumbly pastry that is layered and delicious. The filling has the same texture and flavour as a meat sausage. It is fulfilling and perfect for a small lunch when you are in a hurry. It tastes fantastic and worth its price.

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