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We decided to give Heavenly Desserts a chance on a summer day. After having some lunch at the Westfield food court, we walked across the road to the Heavenly Desserts located within the Olympic Park. We were seeking a post-meal sweet treat and we were hoping to find a little selection of vegan desserts to satisfy our cravings. There was a short queue but we were seated quickly. We were sat in a booth observing the elegance of the interior design. With marble tables and plush chairs, it created such a luxurious atmosphere. The waiter brought us our menu and we requested a vegan menu. Our waiter came back with another menu that was identical to the other menu. We were not expecting to see such a large selection of things. We sat together admiring the interior and discussing our options because there were so many things we could choose from. To see such a large and extensive selection of different desserts with different variations of flavours was such a pleasant surprise. It’s a perfect spot for any occasion. It’s well lit with warm lighting making it a wonderful spot for taking pictures during birthdays or anniversaries. The decor inside is so cohesive and simple yet so impactful. It ties the whole atmosphere together incredibly well.

After getting seated, we deliberated on what we were going to order. There were so many different options available with different variations and flavourings. We were so indecisive because all the options looked scrumptious and since there were so many different variations of sundaes and brownies, we found it difficult to chose just one dessert.

We chose the “Lotus Biscoff Sundae”. The scoops of vanilla ice cream were served inside a glass with Biscoff sauce drizzled on top with crumbled Biscoff biscuits sprinkled all over. The different textures create an interesting experience. The flavour of the Biscoff pairs with the vanilla ice cream so well. It didn’t just taste delicious, it also looked intricate and luxurious. The gorgeous hint of cinnamon from the Biscoff added such a great dimension to the dessert. It has become one of our favourite desserts because it’s so rich with flavour and textures.

Since we first went to Heavenly Desserts, we have been back a few times. It’s such a great spot to go to right after lunch or after a long day of shopping at the Westfield Shopping Centre. The staff has been always been very friendly and helpful during all of our visits. When we were confused between two options, they would offer their opinions on what was the better option. If they didn’t have a particular dessert available, they will point us to a different dessert with a similar composition to the one we chose. They are so welcoming.

On another visit to Heavenly Desserts, we discovered the “Belgian Chocolate Raspberry Torte”. We were craving something with chocolate so we picked this option. Like the Lotus Biscoff Sundae, this was also rich in flavour. The flavour of the chocolate was a lot more decadent than the sort of chocolate you can buy at supermarkets. It was full of deep chocolate flavour which was not quite the taste of dark chocolate but it wasn’t sweet like milk chocolate either. It was perfectly balanced in the middle. The torte was smooth and creamy. The tart flavour of the raspberries combines with the chocolate to create a really flavourful taste. It was the perfect chocolate to satisfy our cravings.

If you are not a fan of Biscoff, their “Cookies & Cream” is a great variation. Scoops of vanilla ice cream is topped with crumbled oreos and layered together perfectly. The cookies and cream flavour is such a classic flavour and this particular sundae gets it perfect. T he crunchiness of the cookies add a great texture to the softness of the ice cream. The chocolate flavour within the sundae is more muted but adds a great dimension to the flavour of the vanilla. If you are craving a cookies and cream milkshake, this is a perfect option.

We picked the “I Might As Well” on a visit during the autumn period when the weather was becoming colder. Because of the colder weather, we were craving something warm. We wanted to give their vegan custard a try. The “I Might As Well” was a perfect choice during the cold weather. The brownies were fudgy and warm which was balanced with the coldness of the custard. It was really warming and rich with flavour. The caramel in the brownies adds an interesting flavour to the chocolate flavour. The custard also adds an amazing moistness to the brownies deepens the flavour deliciously. It is perfect for a cold day.

Heavenly Desserts pricing is comparable to the other dessert spots. The pricing is relatively reasonable for what you are offered. It is definitely not the cheapest option available but it is an affordable option for when you want a sweet treat. Compared to other dessert spots, Heavenly Desserts offers such a great experience and provides a variety of different options for vegans.

In conclusion, Heavenly Desserts has become one of our favourite places for desserts. Vegan dessert options are hard to find in restaurants and dessert spots because so many desserts contain non-vegan ingredients. Heavenly Desserts, however, offered a whole menu full of vegan and gluten-free options. If you have a sweet tooth and want to treat yourself or celebrated an occasion, this is such a wonderful staff.

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